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Preserving our History:
Gordon Blitz Donates to One Archives

What an amazing day and a highlight of my new retirement life! I donated three albums/scrapbooks from my life in the 1970’s and 80’s to the One National Gay and Lesbian Archives.

In 1974 I married my first lover Scott at the old gay and lesbian center on Wilshire Blvd. Who knew that in 34 years it would be legal and I could marry Neal? Friends and family were there (my mom and sister). Scott was an English professor and playwright. In 1985 he wrote a play about our wedding, which I produced at the Deja Vu coffee house. On the closing night of the play the cast presented a “wedding album” that included pictures of the actors. So my donation was that wedding album, my original wedding album from 1974, and a scrapbook with reviews and articles about the plays Scott wrote.

It was an immensely emotional experience and I am thrilled that these items can be shared. It was such a gratifying feeling to donate these items. The staff was fascinated by the scrapbooks and pictures. They have visitors and researchers that are starved for anything connected with our history. It is vitally important that we do our part to preserve the history of the GLBT community. Since many of us don’t have children, much of our stories could be lost. In addition to the poetry class I take at the Village where I compose autobiographical work, I feel compelled to write about my experiences growing up as a gay man. This type of writing can also be stored at the archives for future generations.

And if you are wondering about the connection with BCC, our very own Tracy Moore is a director at the One Archives Foundation!


The University of Southern California
909 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone #-213-821-2771

Josh Gershick Invites BCC to a
New Play, “Rotterdam”

BCC member Josh Gershick is associate producer, trans adviser, and dramaturge (specialist in drama) on a new play, “Rotterdam,” opening at Skylight Theatre in its West Coast premier on November 11 and running through December 10.

“Rotterdam” tells the story of a British ex-pat queer couple, Alice and Fiona. As the play opens, Alice has finally found the courage to email her parents to tell them she’s a lesbian. But before Alice hits send, her girlfriend Fiona reveals that she has always identified as a man, and now wants to live as one, sending their relationship into a tailspin.

Skylight means this play as a conversation starter for its subscriber base, and really wants LGBT folks to come and further that conversation. Because the play is written from the outside, Josh proposed and is helming a series of talkbacks with special guests following every Sunday matinee to deepen the conversation. Sundays will be a lot of fun.

Here’s a link to the show: http://skylighttheatrecompany.com/plays-and-events/rotterdam.html

Cast/Crew discount: 

– Good for General and Senior Tickets only ($35 General becomes $29; $29 Senior becomes $25.25.)
– Promotion is for performances beginning Nov 12 through Dec. 4, excludes closing weekend.
Discount Code: Orange

The discount code should be entered FIRST, up front, rather than later in the transaction.

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