G’vanim Volume 45, No. 5: May/June 2017

In This Issue …

BCC@45 Brunch and Concert
Over 200 BCC members and friends gathered on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at the historic Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills for our annual awards brunch and a celebration of our 45 years as a congregation serving the Los Angeles LGBTQ Jewish community and its allies… continue reading


Rabbi Edwards’s column
Excerpts from Rabbi Lisa’s remarks at the Saban Theatre at our BCC@45 celebration, the day after her own birthday: All eight of our honorees today are not only extraordinary; they are extraordinarily precious to me. So thanks for this great birthday present, everyone who had anything to do with today! What a super birthday party! Read here

Legacy Circle
Everyone in the BCC community is invited to a special luncheon on Sunday, May 21st from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. This year we’re extending the invitation to all those who would like to find out what the L’Chayim Legacy Circle (LLC) is about and why they may wish to join… read more


LA Pride march
The BCC clergy invite you to join with the BCC community to take part in LA Pride’s march this year on Sunday, June 11. Rather than a parade this year, the community is being invited to march in solidarity with (and on the same day as) the National Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington DC... read more


Book group
BCC’s Book Group (Books and Bagels) has been meeting continuously since January 1995. The group meets monthly in members’ homes for a bagel brunch and discussion of a book selected by the group. We read a variety of books: fiction and non-fiction, American and Israeli, historical and contemporary. The only requirement is some Jewish content (LGBT content is a plus, but not…read more

Agnes Herman remarks
I am excited, thrilled and honored to receive this Humanitarian Award. BCC has always held a special place in my heart because each and every one of you is special. How do I know that? You see, I raised a gay child, like you he was unusual, as an infant he grabbed my heart and never let go… continue reading

Richard Lesse remarks
When I was asked to accept this acknowledgement of my volunteer efforts, I actually tried to decline. I’m a behind-the-scenes guy and I generally shun the spotlight. I don’t usually think of my volunteer efforts as all that special or unique, especially when I see so many others working just as hard. But then I thought…  continue reading

Life transitions group
If you could use some help dealing with the stress of relationships, careers, economics, social life, family life, health or bereavement, you might want to give the BCC Life Transitions Group a try.  The goal of the BCC Life Transitions Group is to enhance participants’ spiritual and emotional growth… read more

President’s message
Happy Spring! I hope everyone had a zimmes Pesach. As you will read in this issue, BCC commemorated its 45th year with our Annual Awards Brunch held on March 26, this time with a concert as well. If you did not attend, you missed a very special event. If you did attend, you were inspired by honorees Agnes Herman, who most graciously honored us by accepting the namesake Rabbi Erwin Herman and Agnes Herman Humanitarian Award, and Richard Lesse… continue reading

Buenos Aires conference
From March 15 to 19, 2017, our member Jonathan Falk traveled to Buenos Aires on a whirlwind trip to a city with a rich Jewish history and an exciting modern LGBT history. He participated in a Shabbaton conference put together by JAG (Judios Argentinos GLBT), the LGBT Jewish group there, for the World Congress of LGBT Jews, and also had the honor of representing BCC at the annual… continue reading

Leah’s farewell
I was 35 weeks pregnant and just coming off state from performing in an evening of one-act plays in New York, when my husband told me that UC Riverside had offered him a tenure track position. 10 days later he formally accepted the position, and my water broke. My daughter was only 6 weeks old when we flew to California … read more

Mazel tov
We wish the following BCC member a hearty “mazel tov” on their recent achievements and good news.
read here



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