Volume 46, No. 1: September/October 2017

Volume 46, No. 1
September/October 2017
BCC’s updated Calendar of Events

From Rabbi Lisa’s Study…
Senior Rabbi Lisa Edwards reflects on the coming new year, the changes in BCC leadership, her own gradual move toward “emerita” status, and a unique dramatic offering from her recent travels in Britain. Read here

Cantor’s Column – Cycles of our Lives
Cantor Juval Porat offers a meditation on the entire High Holiday season as a journey from the sadness of Tisha B’Av through the communal t’shuvah of High Holidays to the joyous but precarious dwellings of Sukkot. Read here

Interview with our new President, Richard Lesse
Get to know our new president, Richard Lesse, by reading his interview with G’vanim editor Larry Nathenson about his background, his preparation to be president, and his plans and dreams for BCC’s future. Read here

Our House of Prayer: High Holy Days and Beyond
View the complete schedule for the Days of Awe and for the joyous days of celebration that follow – Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Also read about our special “Honey from the Heart” campaign. Read here

Our House of Study: Adult Education at BCC
Jewish Learning Committee chair Adam Barron reflects on the past five years of learning at BCC and hopes and plans for more to come. Read here

Building Community and a Better World
BCC offers many ways to build community here and around the world. Our Tzedakah Council coin drive helps us fulfill a mitzvah and benefits deserving charities. Our returning Great Chefs, Great Homes program will help us benefit BCC while getting to know each other better and enjoy great meals. Our L’Chayim Legacy Circle can help you plan your personal legacy. We also offer community burial options and ways to support BCC while you shop. Read here

BCC Groups: Building Community for Ourselves
BCC offers a variety of groups to help our members and friends get to know each other. Our new GenX Havurah (formerly 20s and 30s Havurah) will bring GenXers and Millennials together. BCC also has Men’s and Women’s Havurot, a monthly Books and Bagels group, and a Life Transitions group for support during major life changes. We also wish a “mazel tov” to members with recent good news to celebrate. Read here

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