One Community, Many Stories


Featuring Dybbuk Theatre
December 2nd, 4pm-6pm

The Hanukkah story speaks of both strife and triumph, showing us how a group of people can overcome oppression, even as there are internal challenges and disagreements.
This narrative asks us to look at the ways in which we come together and how we can exist as one community, even with our differences of practice, belief, and identification. During this unique event, theatre dybbuk and Beth Chayim Chadishim will take participants through an experience in which your own stories of belonging and identity become the basis for a one night only performance experience.

From Dybbuk Theatre:
“We create a communal experience, centered around a theme, which brings together all who attend. At a One Community, Many Stories event, a theatre dybbuk facilitator takes participants through a 30 minute writing workshop in which they create personal essays and short stories. These stories focus on moments in their own lives which are connected
to a given theme. Later in the evening, after 60 – 90 minutes during which refreshments are served or a related event takes place, professional actors read/perform a selection of these stories with live musical accompaniment.”

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