Second Night Seder: Saturday, April 20th 6pm


Doors open 5:30pm; Tickets required

Feeling free yet?  BCC’s 2nd Night Seder led by Rabbi Lisa (in her last year as Senior Rabbi) and the rest of our clergy will feature a delicious catered meal (gluten-free, vegan and strict Kosher for Passover options available) as we celebrate our freedom. This is a meaning-laden experience, especially for LGBTQ+ Jews, families and allies, as we tell our story of Redemption, break Matzah, enjoy wine/juice, and celebrate our Freedom.  Lots of singing, too!

BCC Members: $54     Children 0-12: $18     Children 13-18: $36
Non-members: $72
Kosher meal options: Add $60 to a regular ticket and indicate in “special dietary needs”

SEDER MEAL: Our lovely catered kosher-style Seder meal (likely from Factor’s Deli) includes alternative options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free folks.

Food will be served buffet style and will include:
Kneidlach (Maztah Ball Soup, vegetarian)
Gefilte Fish w/ Horseradish
Matzah Kugel
Roasted Kosher Chicken
Eggplant Casserole
French Green Beans with Sliced Almonds
Red Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic
Quinoa with Grilled Vegetables
Mixed Greens Salad
Selection of desserts
And more!!!!

Become a Seder Sponsor: Make it possible for everyone who wishes to attend the Seder.
Need a sponsored ticket? Email or call (323) 931-7023 ext. 203.

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  • maggie & dave April 8, 2019 am30 11:18 am . Reply

    FYI – According to my Chrome browser, this website is “Not Secure”

  • Joy Zimnavoda April 5, 2019 pm30 5:43 pm . Reply

    – If there’s a way to be of help, that I can do – please let me know.
    when – where – how
    I’m looking forward
    ~ Thank you, joy

  • Marsha Epstein March 27, 2019 pm31 3:11 pm . Reply

    None of these foods is vegetarian protein.Will there be hard boiled eggs?

    • Jonathan March 28, 2019 am31 2:17 am . Reply

      I’ll look into that. Thanks, Marsha!

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