An Evening with Steven Priovolos

Saturday, January 30, 6 PM

During World War II, 6 million Jewish People from across Nazi-occupied Europe died in the Holocaust. But on the small Greek island of Zakynthos, every member of the 275 Jewish Community survived unscathed. “LIFE WILL SMILE” is their story.

As a way to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day, BCC member, VicTOR Lamkay, has been working with the Producer/Cinematographer of an extraordinary documentary film, “Life Will Smile”. Beth Chayim Chadashim will be hosting a private ZOOM screening of the 40-minute film, and a Q&A with the producer, Steven Priovolos. 

No doubt, the Holocaust brings up so many sad, horrific images and memories for all of us. We believe the film will be an uplifting experience for this Holocaust Remembrance Day because it chronicles the inspiring convergence of hope and humanity that occurred on this small Greek island of 30,000 inhabitants, during the WWII nazi occupation.

The film is narrated by Haim Konstantini, one of the 275 Jewish survivors from that time. The entire Jewish population of the island were protected and survived, thanks to the non-Jewish leadership, and the courage and bravery of the 30,000 island inhabitants. It promises to be a special evening that will uplift you, and perhaps give you hope for discovering and creating similar community values in our own life.

Watch “LIFE WILL SMILE” and enjoy a Q & A with Producer and Cinematographer Steven Priovolos!

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