An update from the rabbinic search commitee


Elizabeth Savage and Ginger Jacobs, co-chairs

The Rabbinic Search Committee continues to meet and pursue our search for BCC’s next settled rabbi. We have solidified our interview questions, reviewed applications submitted by rabbis, and expect to
start interviewing candidates this month.

In December co-chair Elizabeth Savage and BCC President Jay Jacobs attended the Union for Reform Judaism’s Biennial in Chicago. The Biennial includes various workshops, and they attended one entitled “Preparing for Rabbinic Search and Transition” which explored ways to engage the congregation in the search and transition process. The presenters were two placement rabbis and
one congregational president who helped lead her synagogue through the process of change.

For more general information and the timeline for this search, please
see our prior articles in G’vanim or our page on the BCC website 

If you have questions about the process, please feel free to contact Elizabeth at or Ginger at