BCC’s Caring Community


Bikkur Cholim ביקור חולים means visiting the sick or those in need of healing, comfort or connection. Bikkur Cholim also refers to the Mitzvah (Jewish religious commandment) to visit or extend aid to those who are ill. Caring for those in need is an aspect of G’milut Chasadim, an act of selfless loving-kindness. If one is in need of healing, you might recite the Mi Shebeirach prayer.

BCC’s Caring Community (Bikkur Cholim) coordinates outreach to other BCC community members in times of need. It turns out several BCCers already take part in activities meant to encourage and bolster others. The hope is to broaden such activities in the coming year.

Join Estaire for a Yom Kippur afternoon Table Talk: arts & crafts, making cards and healing bags.

Benefits of touch and contact (both virtual & physical) are myriad. We want to tap into those. We expect to build on the fact that BCC has played an historical and vital part in Bikkur Cholim through the years.

Anyone who would like to participate as we rebuild our outreach is welcome to contact our point people:

Evelyn Poplawski, Glenn Chester & Estaire Press.

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In case of a pastoral emergency ——
To reach Rabbi Alyson Solomon please call (323) 931-7023 x200. You’re welcome also to send her an email. Indicate “Urgent” in the subject line.

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