Chai Life 40s-50s

Gen X, shalom! Our generation – born between the early ‘60s and the late ‘70s – is literally taking over. We’re candidates for President (Kamala Harris, Cory Booker), CEOs (Sheryl Sandberg, Jeff Bezos), and movie directors (J.J. Abrams of “Star Wars”, Patty Jenkins of “Wonder Woman”). This is our time!

BCC folk in our prime of life have a new social club: Chai Life Havurah. Yes, we’re living the “high life” right now, while we have the resources to realize our dreams, and the energy to do it with gusto! Join your fellow BCC Gen Xers at regular social, educational, spiritual and volunteer events throughout the year. All genders most welcome!

To join the Chai Life Havurah, just contact group coordinator Marc Breindel: We invite you to suggest activities – what fun and/or enriching activity do you want to do next? Watch our Facebook page for Chai Life updates. Chai Life Havurah invites you to celebrate the Jewish year with friends!