Development at BCC: Help Make A Difference in Our Future!


Jeffrey Janis

Have you ever thought about the various ways you could use your talents and activities you enjoy to support BCC? Do you like to talk to people and build relationships? Are you an outgoing person who likes to organize events? Are you interested in learning more about fundraising and how to do it? Do you like to write?

Whatever your talents and interests, the Development (Fundraising) Committee needs you!

While most people say they hate to fundraise, it actually can be a lot of fun and can connect all of our congregants to each other. Fundraising is not just asking people for money. It’s building relationships and deepening our connections to BCC. BCC is a special and unique community. This committee is looking for people who want to help with strengthening our Mitzvah Circle, and letting congregants know about the various programs that BCC offers and how they can support them – i.e. Torah Study, Book Club, Social Action, special holidays, Great Chefs, etc. Or maybe you are interested in helping to write a grant or an email asking for money?

Our Executive Director Rabbi Jonathan Klein has created an excellent fundraising plan that is our roadmap for the next year. If you have any interest in helping out on this committee, please contact the Development Committee Chair – Jeffrey Janis at

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