El Al Airlines “Ambassador Presentation”


On Sunday, June 5,2016 at 2:00-4:00 pm EL AL Airlines is sending five gay/lesbian/queer representatives to speak to BCC members about life in Israel! This is an exciting opportunity to ask YOUR questions about Israel, which the Ambassadors will answer.  We hope you will join us in giving these special guests a warm BCC welcome. Please send your questions and RSVPs (for a refreshment count) to Aviyah Farkas

El Al has received international recognition for its “ambassadors” program in which pilots and flight attendants voluntarily go out to all of their flight destinations, speaking about the reasons they choose to live in Israel today.

Their ambassadors program is not only a unique “people to people” initiative in the world of “public diplomacy”; it is also a cutting edge concept that deepens relationship with communities around the world, emphasizing that we all have common values.

Regardless of your familiarity with Israel, the Education Committee believes you will find the personal story and point of view of an El Al Ambassador both surprising and interesting. Several of El Al’s Ambassadors are openly gay and lesbian, and we have requested a gay or lesbian pilot to be our “Ambassador.”