For All the Miracles

Image in background of blurred out chanukiot with glowing gold foreground text reading "For All The Miracles"

For all the miracles!


  • For the miracle of being seen for who we are
  • For the wonder of celebrating gay love
  • For the miracle of integrating all of our overlapping identities
  • For the wondrous and myriad ways of spelling Hanukkah!

This year, as we engage in the lighting of our Hanukkah candles for 8 days, we invite you to share with us the miracles you’ve witnessed  – acts of kindness and resistance, technology, health, a connection you might not have anticipated, skills learned and experiences had.

We welcome you to pre-record yourself lighting a Hanukkah candle, sharing briefly the miracle you dedicate the lighting to. Look into the camera and complete the statement “I dedicate these Hanukkah lights to the miracle of…”

You can also send us a written paragraph. Please send your contributions to Rabbi Jillian & Cantor Juval. We will share your stories throughout our 8 days of virtual Hanukkah candle lighting ceremonies.

Image of multiple chanukiot buring against a dark background. by Elise Zimmerman