Going Through Transitions Together

This article is reprinted from BCC’s newsletter, Gvanim, vol. 49 no. 2, November/December 2020, Cheshvan/Kislev/Tevet 5781.
Erin Katz, Office Manager

Last week I came down with a cold. Of course I panicked that it potentially could have been the novel coronavirus, and my mind spiraled out of control thinking about all those I have been around. I knew it was just a cold, but I took two tests to be sure and, lo and behold, it was a cold mixed with seasonal allergies. Once the worry subsided, I thought about how this is our new normal. Life is forever changed until a vaccine is readily available to everyone, and even then we may always panic over a sniffle or a tickle in the back of our throats.

Life has changed, and change continues to happen all around us. This year alone we have all been through so much change in our lives, big and small and in ways expected or not. There is practically no one who has not experienced some shift in their lives recently. William Bridges, a preeminent authority on change management, put it best when he said, “Most people do not resist change. What we resist is transition…Change is situational; a new city, death of a loved one, birth of a child, new job. Transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation.” In other words, transition is the process of letting go of the way things used to be, and then taking hold of the way they have now become. It is about how we feel about the change and how we learn to adapt to a new normal.

We have experienced a lot of change in a short period of time at BCC — a new Rabbi, new Office Manager (that’s me!), and a new virtual way of connecting with the community. We approached High Holy Days from a new lens and had to lean in to each other as we went through the transition. I feel we grew closer as a community as a result.

More change is on the horizon for BCC! We are in the process of redesigning our website. It will be a new, modern look that showcases our vibrant, welcoming community while focusing on accessibility. We are working on a comprehensive volunteer program to give members a chance to be engaged and work on projects they are passionate about or have experience in. Transitioning to a virtual world has been challenging at times, especially during the holidays, but we are using this new platform to do exciting things during services, host fun events such as movie and trivia nights, and connect to people in a different way from all over the country.

While change happens often and transition is difficult, we are all in it together. Reach out to your BCC family, join us for one or all of our services and events virtually, and be a part of the community in the new way. Hanukkah will be here soon and while we will have to light our hanukkiot together through a computer screen, we will still feel the warmth of the candlelight and the love in our hearts for one another.

With love and light,

Erin Katz,

Office Manager