Help Renew BCC’s Commitment to Social Action in Our Community


Jessica Donath

Homelessness, trans rights, and climate change – these were just a few of the issues that attendees of the first meeting in late August of BCC’s revamped Social Action Committee found important to tackle.

At the same time, we are also aware that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel in every case. Project Chicken Soup (PCS,) an organization that has been cooking and delivering healthy meals to folks living with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other serious illnesses, had its origin at BCC. In the near future we want to refocus and strengthen our relationship with PCS, so be on the look out for an invitation to cook 1,000 meals on Sunday morning.

And as important participation in rallies and demonstrations is, the Social Action Committee also wants to create and facilitate long-term change in areas that are important to our community. To make sure we are pressing full steam ahead in the right direction, we are seeking your input. If you have ideas and suggestions or want to share your thoughts, please email Social Action Committee co-chairs Jessica Donath ( or Kenna Love (
Or come to the Social Action Committee brainstorming session during the Yom Kippur break at Temple Isaiah and tell us what keeps you up at night. Together we can change the world!

Report From The BCC Tzedakah Council

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we’re ushering in the New Year 5780. Where does the time go? While we’ve all had many reasons to celebrate in the past 365, we also continue to witness the need for the work of BCC’s Tzedakah Council to carry on.

Whether it’s the ongoing threats to undocumented individuals, the unprecedented violence plaguing our schools and streets, the growth of homeless populations in our city and across the country, or the constant threat to the state of Israel, our work seems never to be done.

While it all may seem hopeless, there are reasons to celebrate. A job found, good health after a scare, a new home after a period of homelessness, acts of kindness too many to count… There are reasons to celebrate every day.

So many people are doing so much good work in Los Angeles, around the country, and around the world. And being on the council enables us to interact with these do-gooders and to participate in the important work each of them does every day. The following four organizations will benefit from the distribution of funds from the Tzedakah Council this cycle. Each organization will receive $250.

Bloom Again Foundation
Established in 2008, this charity provides rapid-response
financial assistance for living essentials to working women living at or near the poverty level when medical challenges stretch their already-limited resources.
To donate or to learn more, visit

For more than 130 years, HIAS (founded as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) has provided assistance to those in need, especially those who migrate across national borders. Currently the
organization is helping those who have left their homes in Venezuela and now find themselves in need of a visa to enter Ecuador. HIAS provides assistance for significant legal and protection needs, single-parent heads of household, survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, older adults, youth separated from their families, and LGBTQ communities. To donate or to learn more, visit

Na’Amat Israel
A voice for women and children in Israel, Na’Amat provides
funding to day-care centers, technological high schools, and women’s health, social services, and legal aid clinics in Israel.
To donate or to learn more, visit

Jovenes Inc.
This organization provides homes and families for those without. Located in Boyle Heights and serving communities throughout Southeast LA County, Jovenes Inc. provides housing, healthcare, education, employment, and trauma-recovery services.
To donate or to learn more, visit

These are just four charities doing the important work of repairing our world. If you know of a cause that would benefit from our charity funds, or if you’re interested in participating in the work of our committee, find one of us during the High Holidays, or leave your name at the check-in desk and we’ll contact you!

And remember, the Tzedakah Council collects money for the next round of donations at the High Holidays and Pesach. Please bring your tzedakah cans (pushkes) to Temple Isaiah during High Holidays, whether full, half-full or with just a dusting of coins. Bring your old can and take a new one.

Jim Potter, Angela Brown, Bonnie Kaplan, and Steve Hochstadt