Apply for Membership

Full time Students or those under 30 years-old

Please fill out the BCC Membership Application Form. Once completed, send it back to us or bring it by next time you are at BCC. Once we receive your application for membership, our Membership Committee will contact you to complete your simple “Full-Time Student/Under 30” membership process and to answer any questions you may have.

Single Adult or Family Membership

The BCC Member process is very simple. The first step is to fill out the BCC Membership Application Form and return it to us via email or by delivering it to Executive Director, Rabbi Jonathan Klein. We will then contact you to discuss BCC’s membership contribution program. Our contribution programs are very inclusive, tailored to your personal circumstances.  For a description of the programs and the form to utilize, please click here.  Send your completed pledge form back to BCC. When you have completed these two forms (application & pledge) and returned them to BCC, your membership application is brought to the BCC Board of Directors who will formally endorse your membership at their next monthly meeting.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Beth Chayim Chadashim! We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our community! Your participation in BCC’s historical narrative will be greatly rewarded by fond friendships and the building of a resilient LGBT Jewish Community.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Executive Director Rabbi Jonathan Klein at the office at 323-931-7023, extension 203, or e-mail Mark Homyk, Membership Committee Chair.

Application for BCC Membership

Membership Contribution Pledge Form

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is a category of membership developed for those people who want to belong to BCC and already have full membership in another synagogue or are parents, siblings, other relatives or friends of BCC members who would like to support BCC’s mission, out of solidarity  and love.   Most Affiliate members do not live locally to BCC.

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Membership?
Receive the BCC newsletter, G’vanim.
Receive BCC emailed bulletins full of events and programs.
Receive member announcements regarding congregational matters.
Attend BCC’s High Holy Days services by using tickets from your primary synagogue. Just show us your tickets at any of our services.
Participate in the temple life of a vibrant, progressive Jewish community.
Discounted rates for High Holy Days Tickets.

The Affiliate Membership is $250 yearly.  Click Here to Download the Affiliate Membership Application.  Please return it to BCC with your payment.

Mitzvah Circle Recognition

In keeping with the Jewish tradition of contributing according to one’s ability, joining the Mitzvah Circle at any level will help ensure that BCC is accessible to all people regardless of income.  Mitzvah Circle participants receive the following:

Chaverim (Friends) Foundation contribution level* plus $500
Mitzvah Circle plaque recognition at BCC
Acknowledgement in Days of Awe program book and G’vanim newsletter
Mitzvah Circle Reception hosted by BCC Clergy

Tormim (Contributors) Foundation contribution level* plus $1,000
All the perks listed under Chaverim (Friends), plus
Two complimentary memorials in Days of Awe Yizkor Book

Tomchim (Supporters) Foundation contribution level* plus $2,500
All the perks listed under Tormim (Contributors), plus
One complimentary guest ticket for Days of Awe

Bonim (Builders) Foundation contribution level* plus $5,000
All the perks listed under Tomchim (Supporters), plus
Four complimentary memorials in Days of Awe Yizkor Book
Two complimentary guest tickets for Days of Awe
Gift of a book selected and signed by Rabbi Edwards

Shomrim (Guardians) Foundation contribution level* plus $7,500
All the perks listed under Bonim (Builders), plus
Six complimentary memorials in Days of Awe Yizkor Book
Four complimentary guest tickets for Days of Awe
One complimentary Shabbat oneg honor opportunity

*The foundation contribution level for 2017-18: $1,540 for Individual Adult Households and $2,300  for Two-Adult Households

Mitzvah Circle- Printed Version

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  • Michael Becker July 17, 2019 pm31 10:56 pm . Reply

    Application for affiliate membership

  • Laura Eisenberg September 25, 2017 pm30 4:25 pm . Reply

    Is there any connection to the GLBT Unity Church in Normal Heights or the, (even better) San Diego Calvary church.

    I found Calvary to be most accepting of Judaic comparability as well as acceptance of ritual.

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