Weekly Torah Portion: Naso (Numbers 4:21-7:89)


God describes the service of the Gershon family of Levites. The laws relating to the suspected adulteress and the nazirite are given. God tells Moses and Aaron the priestly blessing. The heads of tribes bring gifts to the Tabernacle. Read an extensive summary on My Jewish Learning

Related D’var Torah

“In Hebrew, the 3 blessings are singular, written for each of us individually, since there is no one blessing that would benefit everyone. If you pray for rain, the farmer would be happy but the person about to embark on a trip would not.” – Ginger Jacobs in her first drash in 2000. Read it here

Torah Verse of the Week*

And they shall set My name on the children of Israel, and I shall bless them. (Parashat Naso, Numbers 6:27)

Other Suggested Readings

“Individuals and communities long ago replaced the priests of the Torah. Now we’re the ones who must step up when friends and neighbors need help, just as we’re the ones who offer each other this ancient blessing spoken by God in the second person singular, as if we were saying “God bless you” to one person at a time.” – Rabbi Emerita Lisa Edwards writes in Reform Judaism, 2019

“The sign read, “We’ve got to stop it,” and under it a woman sat alone at a table in the grocery store parking lot. The sign also contained the words “domestic violence,” so I walked over.” – Rabbi Lisa’s Commentary on URJ’s ’10 Minutes of Torah’ in 2013

“Each of us has an equal responsibility in shaping Judaism, which is an ever-growing, never static tradition…” -Rabbi Lisa participated in UCLA Hillel panel “Trembling Before Gold” on homosexuality and Judaism on May 30, 2001. Read her speech here

Darren Lippman considers the similarities between Nazirites and LGBT Jews – two populations who are “set aside” in important ways Read the full article


*Torah Verse of the Week is chosen by the Torah class during Tuesdays’ studies with Rabbi Lisa Edwards. Check out when our next Torah Study takes place