Volume 46, No. 2: November-December 2017

Volume 46, No. 2
November/December 2017
Heshvan/Kislev/Tevet 5778

Rabbi Heather Miller offers some thoughts on the upcoming festival of Hanukkah and on her new role as Director of Education for BCC’s Ohr Chayim religious school. Rabbi Lisa Edwards brings news of her contributions to Jewish Women’s Archive and a new book from CCAR Press. Read more

Cantor Juval Porat shares his conversation with singer/songwriter Charlie Kramer, who will join BCC to celebrate Hanukkah Shabbat on December 15. Read here

BCC Happenings: Read about upcoming and past BCC events, including our continuing Great Chefs Great Homes series, an invitation to perform a mitzvah with Project Chicken Soup, an intriguing talk about Nazism in the U.S., our recent celebration of Simchat Torah, and the one-woman show “Outside the Box.” Read here

BCC Member News: Read about the recent and upcoming accomplishments of two BCC members: Gordon Blitz, who made a very personal donation to One National Gay and Lesbian Archives, and Josh Gershick, who is advising and helping to produce a new play featuring a trans character in Holland. Read here

BCC Groups: Our long-running BCC Books and Bagels group explores the variety of Jewish literature through the ages, and our ongoing Life Transitions Group helps us to support one another in life-changing situations. The World Congress of GLBT Jews announces plans for its conference next year. Also, please read here about ways you can support BCC through shopping or donations. Read more

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