Weekly Torah Portion: Pinchas (Numbers 25:10-30:1)


In torah portion Pinchas, God gives Pinhas a covenant of peace. God explains the apportionment of the Land of Israel. The daughters of Zelophehad petition to inherit their father’s portion. Moses appoints Joshua as his successor. Read an extensive summary on My Jewish Learning

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Torah Verse of the Week*

“To the numerous you shall give a large inheritance and to the few a small inheritance; to each according to his numbered ones shall his inheritance be given.”(Parashat Pinchas; Numbers 26:54)

Other Suggested Readings

“Bless all those who came before us or stand with us today — stepping up to the entrance of the tent of meeting or to court houses to plead their cases, marching through the streets of our cities, and walking down the aisle to the chupah.” – Rabbi Lisa on the week of DOMA Strike, Parashat Pinchas. Read the full article

Zelophehad’s daughters challenge Moses and the Israelite leadership on unjust inheritance laws in Pinchas. Amazingly, God sides with the daughters’ case and for the first time Torah is re-written. Read from our Telephone Torah Study archives

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