Trailblazers: In Conversation with Yiscah Smith


Sunday, June 17, 2018
At Beth Chayim Chadashim
6090 W Pico Blvd

Look at our world today. So many of us are lost in the expectations of what our parents, teachers, religion, society and social media expect us to become that we never discover who we are truly meant to be.

As long as you rely on others to tell you who you are and what your purpose is – as long as you don’t claim this for yourself – you will always be living a double life. There’s the part inside you that is screaming to get out so you can be happy and fulfilled and then there’s the self-sacrificing “good citizen” that insist you do your part for the so-called “greater good” while slowly draining you of your passion.

When you discover and express your purpose by carving your own path, it brings a tremendous sense of meaning and happiness to your life as well as adding value to the lives of those all around you.

What does it mean to “carve your own path”?

It means understanding “who you are” and having the integrity to be you unapologetically and share that authentically.

Who is a trailblazer?

A person who, while carving their own path, allows and empowers others to do the same.

For my first In Conversation with Trailblazers series I’m proud to sit down with Yiscah Smith.

Yiscah is a Jewish educator, spiritual activist and published author who addresses the spiritual dimension of authentic living. She employs her own story of the joys and struggles with her own spirituality, gender identity and commitment to authentic living. As one who transitioned from an Orthodox Jewish Chabad man to an observant woman, she presents topics in an accessible and vivid style, from both a personal and a text-based perspective.

Join us for a riveting discussion on what it takes to discover your true self and live it authentically.

Sunday, June 17th

5:00pm – Doors Open

5:30pm – Discussion

6:30pm – Q&A

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