BCC’s Trans Havurah


Na’avor (Let’s Cross), BCC’s Transgender Havurah

WHO: Any transgender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, or questioning people who are looking for support, friendship, family within the Jewish community.

WHAT: A havurah to meet new people who share identity, experience, religion, and culture. Meetups at coffee shops and around the city. Torah readings through a trans lens.

WHEN & HOW: Feel free to send us an email about any events that you would like to see for the trans/gnc/nb community, or any questions you have. Or send a message through Facebook or Instagram @naavorletscross.

Keep an eye out for our next meetup!

We Need a Trans Havurah!

In recent times, there has been a significant growth in interest surrounding Jewish life among transgender community members. As more and more trans Jews and others seeking a spiritual home enter our door, it is critical that we provide a space that not only is safe and welcoming; we seek to connect transgender community members to one another in a celebratory, joyful and trans-centered way.

With this in mind, BCC endeavors to create a “Trans Chavurah,” a community of trans members much akin to our historical men’s and women’s groups, where trans members can congregate and celebrate Judaism together at times.

Meanwhile, BCC has perhaps more than any other congregation ensured that trans Jews are not only welcome, they are also leaders. Check out our past transgender-centered offerings here.