Vegan Havurah

BCC’s Vegan Havurah brings together those who are vegan or vegan-curious for social and educational events. Among the planned activities are outings to vegan restaurants and vegan fairs, cooking demonstrations, talks with dietitians about proper nutrition for vegans, and in-home gatherings to share meals. We will also invite outside speakers to talk about the connection between Judaism and veganism.

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BCC’s Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck (Sunday, November 24, 2019 at the home of Rabbi Jonathan Klein)

Learn about BCC’s participation in the Synagogue Vegan Challenge through Shamayim v’Aretz and the Veg Fund!

From Brett Trueman:

As chair of BCC’s Vegan Havurah, I am very excited to announce that BCC has been awarded a Synagogue Vegan Challenge grant from the organization, Shamayim v’Aretz (Heaven and Earth), for the year 2020-21. We are one of only seven synagogues in the United States to receive this grant!!

Shamayim describes the Challenge as follows:

“The goal of the Synagogue Vegan Challenge is simple: to provide training, education, and funding for Jewish communities to incorporate vegan programming for a year! Seven synagogues will be selected this year to host monthly events that serve vegan food and provide education about the ethical, environmental, & health reasons to eat plant-based. This annual program, generously sponsored by VegFund, brings veganism to Jewish communities across the country through a friendly, food-based approach.”

BCC’s Vegan Havurah has been working hard to make BCC a hub of vegan activity within Los Angeles’s Jewish community and this grant is going to help enormously in our efforts.

As part of the Challenge, we have committed to organizing one vegan-related event each month. We are planning vegan food events, seminars on veganism and its impact on health and the environment, and cooking demonstrations. You’ll be receiving an invitation to our first event shortly.

As part of the program, Shamayim has asked our community to fill out a two-minute survey, which you can find here. Please take a few moments to fill it out; it will serve as a baseline to be used to assess the success of our program over the year.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!

Warm regards,
Brett Trueman

P.S. Please remember to fill out the survey. It’s very important.

Upcoming Events!

Feeding the Soul Banner Image

Feeding the Soul: at the intersection of a plant based diet and Jewish spiritual practice – a conversation between Cantors Tifani Coyot and Juval Porat

November 22nd at 7:30 PM

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